How can you support your A3 Owners?

One of the most important factors in successful learning and implementation of A3 thinking is having the support of a Supervisor or Sponsor. Here are five ways you can support your A3 Owner:

  1. Catchball: Find 30 minutes 1:1 or in a meeting to practice humble inquiry and coaching. Use clarifying and open-ended questions to support the A3 owner’s thinking and ownership.
  2. Attend Learning Labs with A3 Owner: (All are invited; All are learners and coaches; See Weekly Lab Schedule to refresh or help map current conditions, analyze or plan PDSAs)
  3. Ask A3 owners about their learning and practice of A3 Thinking (i.e. observing Gemba, mapping process, measuring problems, and catchballing with stakeholders) See Workshop Expectations
  4. Remove Barriers so A3 Owners can attend A3 labs and Workshop Day #2 as scheduled, complete a first draft within 30 days, and implement their A3 plans with PDSA. See A3 Thinking Schedule
  5. Model Your Own Practice of A3 Thinking – Revise, Catchball and Implement Your Own A3. See A3 Toolbox