October and December Cohorts Enrolled

We have enrolled two A3 Thinking cohorts beginning Monday and Friday! We are excited to work with this great group, and hope you will support them to learn, engage and improve!

How have A3 Thinking Workshops evolved, and what are expectations now?

  • Pre-Read Managing to Learn and Humble Inquiry
  • Pre-Identify a Problem aligned with True North with a Sponsor or Supervisor
  • Attend: Day #1 (Oct 23 or 27th), then Day #2 30 days later (Dec 4 or 5)
  • Attend Weekly Learning Labs to:
    • Create a Swimlane/Process Map
    • Complete Analysis and PDSA
    • Catchball with a Coach
    • Catchball with Stakeholders and Sponsors
  • Submit Complete Draft within 30 Days
  • CME Certificate Issued after Submission of Draft

Future Workshops: If you are interested in enrolling leaders from your team, please see the link below.

For More Info: https://zsfglearn.org/a3thinking

Thank you for your leadership!
Will Huen, David Smith & the A3 Thinking Team