Welcome  to New Employee Orientation

In following social distancing guidance, New Employee Orientation (NEO) is online until further notice. We have developed this plan to ensure we meet regulatory requirements, but also adhere to recommendations to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

New Employee Orientation (NEO) is an established policy of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG) Administration. NEO is provided to ensure that all new employees have the information, resources, and support necessary to perform their job safely and successfully.


Orientation Requirements

  • All new employees (CCSF, UCSF, and Contractors) assigned to work at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center are required to attend New Employee Orientation (NEO).
  • Employees separated from the organization for more than 12 months due to any type of leave of absences and assignment completion1.
  • It consists of General Orientation (Day 1) and Clinical Orientation (Day 2).  Only after satisfaction of attendance requirement per job classification can the employee begin work in their designated department1,2.

Orientation Location

NEO is currently online and can be found in the SFLearning Platform. It will remain online until further notice.

General Orientation

General Orientation

A full-day program of 8 hrs. is required for ALL new employees.

  • Self-paced online modules on topics mandated by State & Federal laws and Regulatory Agencies.
  • Introduction to True North
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Plan and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training 
Clinical Orientation

Clinical  Orientation

Also known as New Employee Clinical Orientation (NECO). Clinical NEO Applies to these classifications.

A full-day program of 8 hrs. is required for all nursing classifications. 

The program includes:

  • Self-paced online modules on patient safety topics.
  • In-person Skill stations.
  • Information and skills are relevant to all nursing units.

Additional Information


1. Administrative Policy# 15.05 New Employee Orientation (Revised 11/2022)
2. Nursing Department Policy# 1.2 Orientation of Nursing Personnel (Revised 12/2020)
3. Department of Human Resources Classification and Compensation Database (Accessed 01/2017)