Why Do We Have a Draft Deadline?

What is Required in Drafts?
Although A3 Thinking is not mere completion of an A3 as a task (i.e. “Do Your A3”), we ask for a handwritten or typed draft as evidence of learning and to support intentional practice of A3 Thinking and construction of an A3.  We ask attendees to submit a draft that demonstrates practice, written from header through follow-up, and it does NOT need to be final or implemented.

Why Do We Assign Draft Homework?
We find leaders learn and develop skills better with the “gift” of a deadline, which allows:

  1. Intentional practice over a brief interval
  2. Clear mini-goals in support of long-term mastery
  3. Learning and forgetting, followed by relearning and practice through labs
  4. Collective motivation and support – From teachers, coaches, peers & sponsors
  5. Feedback – in follow-up coaching or 1:1s with Sponsors
  6. Recognition and accountability for your progress

What can learners do after submitting a draft?

  1. Learners may attend an A3 Review learning lab to catchball and receive feedback with a coach
  2. Attend A3 Learning Labs year-round
  3. We will send CME/CEUs after you submit our Post-Workshop Survey
  4. Catchball with stakeholders
  5. Follow-Up with your sponsor about next steps.

Thanks again, and we look forward to working with you!
ZSFG A3 Thinking Team