Step 1: Confirm school/program has an active Student Training Agreement with SF DPH

A Student Training Agreement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the school and SF DPH is required before a student can be placed at any SF DPH agency or program.

  • Establishing an Agreement does not guaranteea placement opportunity within ZSFG.
  • Check to see if your school and program is on the Approved List of Schools and Programs. Student Training Agreement MOUs are managed by the SF DPH Contracts Management and Compliance Office and are not managed by ZSFG.
  • If the school and program are not on the Approved List of Schools and Programs, the school’s program coordinator or other representative completes the this Form to begin the approval process.

Step 2: Submit placement request 

  • Submit requests using Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS).
  • Contact if the school does not utilize CCPS.

Step 3: Prepare for the placement

Once a placement has been approved, the school Placement Coordinator or designee submits the onboarding packet

  • ZSFG will contact the school when the onboarding packet has been processed and the students have been cleared to begin their placement (Note: Students cannot be placed without being cleared by ZSFG Nursing Admin)