Schools & Faculty (Academic Partners)

Schools include universities, colleges, technical schools, institutes, high schools (16 or older) or community colleges that offer educational or training opportunities resulting in credit for enrolled students.

Faculty are instructors or coordinators employed by an academic program to provide instruction to students.

School/Faculty Responsibility Checklist

□  For students to be placed on the ZSFG campus, the school must first execute an agreement.

□  Check to see if the school and program are on the Approved List of Schools and Programs.

□  If the school or program is not on the Approved List of Schools and Programs, please fill out the Student Placement Agreement Form to begin the agreement process.

□  To see if a placement is available for your student(s) review the list of current preceptors.  Please note: You must contact the potential ZSFG Preceptor directly.

Faculty Only:

□  Faculty must complete the Required Faculty Form, Online Orientation, the Privacy and Compliance training (Click here for Privacy & Compliance training instructions) & COVID-19 Additional Student Orientation before instructing students on the ZSFG campus. 

□  For Nursing Students Only - Faculty must complete Undergraduate Nursing Student Placement Roster and Undergraduate Nursing Student Placement Health Screening Form and submit it to 

□  Visiting faculty is allowed to be on campus for five consecutive days or less. If visiting more than five consecutive days, faculty must complete Online Orientation, in addition to the Required Faculty Form. Please contact (Nursing only) or the Department of Education and Training for more information.

□  Only For Nursing Students Faculty must arrange student Orientation with