Nursing Students


For any questions or concerns, please contact Janet.

Please return all requested forms by email, fax or mail to:

Janet Kosewic, MSN, RN, CNL
Nursing Professional Development
San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

Phone: 415 206-4191
Fax: 415 206-6922


Students are individuals who are enrolled in an approved academic program that has a current student placement agreement with the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH).

A student must be affiliated with an educational institution and collect credits/units for an internship, externship, fieldwork, class requirement, training or dissertation. If the requested placement involves payment or academic credit will not be earned during placement, please contact the Department of Education and Training BEFORE you begin the paperwork.

Check to see if your school and your program is an approved school. If your school or your program is not on the list, please inform your instructor, preceptor or ZSFG staff contact BEFORE you begin the paperwork.

flu-shotPlease note: During Flu Season, students and faculty need to make sure they get their flu shot! Free shots will be given away in the ZSFG cafeteria.  If anyone opts out of the shot, they must wear a mask around patients and clients while on the ZSFG campus.

Preceptors/ZSFG Staff

Preceptors/ZSFG Staff are employed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) or a SFDPH subcontractor (like UCSF) and located at a SFDPH facility. It is the responsibility of SFGH staff or preceptor to provide instruction, supervision and or mentorship to fulfill the student’s educational experience.

Within Nursing records are maintained centrally in Nursing Administration or the preceptor will maintain required records, address conflicts or concerns, and evaluate placements. You must keep a hard or electronic copy of the required forms for three years as preceptors/ZSFG staff are solely responsible for the documentation of completing the student placement process.  In the case of an audit, the forms must be readily available. Please review ZSFG Student Placements Policy 19.05.

Preceptors and ZSFG staff are not required to take students, even if there is a valid student agreement. It is up to the availability of staff and projects available for students that will determine if placement is available. To help assure you have a space, please use the Student Placement Agreement Form below.


Schools include approved universities, colleges, technical schools, institutes, high schools (16 or older) or community colleges that offer educational or training opportunities resulting in credit for enrolled students.  

Faculty are instructors or coordinators employed by an academic program to provide instruction to students.

Faculty must complete the Faculty Form before instructing students on the ZSFG campus.  Visiting faculty are allowed for five consecutive days or less.  If visiting five consecutive days or more, in addition to the form, faculty must complete online New Employee Orientation. Please contact Janet Kosewic for more information.

Faculty and visiting faculty must wear an identification badge with name and picture while on the ZSFG campus.

Undergraduate Nursing Students



For clinical groups, faculty will complete the:

Each student within the cohort will complete the

Single Preceptorship

For individual Undergraduate Nursing students (not in a group) please complete


Once paperwork is complete, a student completes orientation BEFORE or on their start date.  Orientation will be completed online or in person. Faculty will arrange this with Janet Kosewic.


Graduate Nursing Students



After assuring your placement is approved, please complete


Once paperwork is complete, a student completes online orientation, please contact Janet Kosewic for your username and password.


Identification Badges

Badges must be worn at all times. If a student/faculty identification badge includes a first/last name and photo, then the student/faculty must wear the badge when on campus. If the badge does not have your photo or the department/clinic/unit requires a ZSFG badge, the preceptor/ZSFG staff must contact Human Resources (HR) to request a badge.

After faculty assure that is the school is an approved school, please complete the following documents and return to Janet Kosewic.

Student Training Agreements

No student may be placed on the ZSFG campus or affiliated programs without first executing an agreement.  For an up to date list of active agreements, please check this list. Remember to check the school and the program, as both need to be covered BEFORE a student is placed.