Apply for CEUs for CNAs/PCAs


Continuing Education Units for CNAs/PCAs are slightly different than for RNs. Only a selected number of courses offered at ZSFG qualify for CNAs/PCAs continuing education units.  The Department of Education and Training (DET) has streamlined the CE application process to make it easier for the instructor.  We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these guidelines.  Refer to Resources/FAQ (put in hyperlink) page for more information.

STEP 1: 

Verify if the class you would like to offer is approved (View approved classes). You can only offer classes already approved.  Please fill out the online form below at least 2 weeks prior to your class.

If you want to offer a class that is not on the approved classes list, you have to submit the following documents 30 days before:

  • Course outline
  • Curriculum
  • Course Material (PowerPoint, handout, etc.)
  • Post Test
  • Evaluation

Send documents for review to Leah Martinez-Davis at


Course will be reviewed to determine if it meets the BRN requirements.  DET will contact you when you can begin advertising the course (you cannot advertise or promote the course until approved)

To view sample attendance, CE certificate, evaluation, and flyer templates, refer to the Resources/FAQ (put in hyperlink) page for more information.


Within 2 weeks of course completion please submit required course documentation. Check here to upload course documentation.  You can also bring the documents to Department of Education (DET) Building 30, Rm.3200.  Refer to the Recourse/FAQ (insert hyperlink) page for more information.

Important Note

If these documents are not returned, we will not be able to assign CE credits.  Instructors who are unable to follow the process completely may lose their ability to offer classes with our BRN number in the future.