[Download the POI Request Template]

[POI Template Instructions]

What is a POI Number?

A POI number is an unique ID number used to access the City and County of San Francisco’s Employee Portal, specifically the SF Learning application.

Who needs a POI Number?

Providers, staff and students working at the SFHN who need to access Employee Portal applications, but are not City and County employees with a valid DSW number.

How to request a POI Number?

Follow the below standard work for completing the POI Request Spreadsheet:

  • All columns highlighted in GREEN must be complete
  • Enter only 1 row of data per individual. The spreadsheet cannot have multiple rows of data for the same individual
  • Indicate ADDRESS, EMAIL and PHONE TYPE using drop down menu
  • Save completed spreadsheet
  • Send completed spreadsheet to Cherry Tactay, cherry.tactay@sfdph.org
  • POI requests should ONLY be submitted by Registry Staff, Student Placement Coordinators or Department Leadership.  POI requests will NOT be processed if submitted by a non-approved requester.

NOTE: POI creation takes +/- 5 business days