A3 Workshops and Learning Labs

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How to Register for the A3 Thinking Workshop (2-Day Class):

  • Goal: To support departmental leaders with learning and practicing A3 Thinking
  • Who: ZSFG and DPH Leaders nominated by supervisors to lead important improvement work aligned with organizational priorities. (Maximum 25 attendees/Day)
  • What is required once you have enrolled:
    • Pre-Read Managing to Learn and Humble Inquiry 
    • Selection of an Important Problem with Supervisor
    • Attendance in BOTH Day #1 and Day #2 trainings (8-4:30), 30 days apart
    • Attendance in two Learning Labs (1.5 hours each)
    • Completion of mid- and post-workshop homework
    • One complete A3 Draft due at 30 days after Day #2
  • New Features: Day 1 & 2 30 days apart, learning labs, workbooks, templates, tools, examples, 14.25 CME   
  • To add a leader to the wait list, please share the following on this link:
    • Name: 
    • Role/Title/Dept: 
    • Proposed Problem: 
    • Executive Sponsor:
  • Please Note: Due to training constraints, and to maximize the likelihood of practicing and applying applying course material, we prioritize with ZSFG and DPH Leaders based on the above information. 

"Great mix of teaching, practice, small and large group discussions and support!"


"100% of attendees report I would recommend this course to a colleague."


How to Register for the A3 Learning Lab: 

  • Goal: To support your completion and implementation of A3 improvement plans 
  • Who: ZSFG and DPH Leaders familiar with A3 Thinking
  • What: Our KPO/QM Teams offers once to twice weekly Learning Labs (10:30-12, Wed,+/- Fridays) to support leaders familiar with A3s
  • Agenda: 1) Review A3 Thinking teaching (20 min), followed by coaching/practice/catchball of A3s (50 min)
  • Topics
    • Background/Current Conditions/Problem Statements (toolbox: swimlanes, process maps)
    • Analysis (toolbox: fishbone, 5 whys problem trees, stratification, pareto)
    • Countermeasures  (toolbox: PICK charts)
    • PDSA  (toolbox: PDSA, Gantt charts) 
    • A3-Status Reports (see PIPS Labs)
  • To Sign up, please use this A3 Thinking Learning Lab link

“Incredibly valuable to have this time, and a personal coach helping to think it through!” - A3 Lab Attendee

For further information not answered here, please contact:

William Huen MD, MS, MPH

Associate Chief Medical Officer
Medical Director, Quality Management and Kaizen Promotion Office
Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF Department of Medicine