Students (Non-Nursing)

Students are individuals who are enrolled in an approved academic program that have a current placement agreement with the San Francisco Department of Public Health. These programs include but are not limited to, nursing, rehabilitation, health administration, public health, radiology, and nutrition. Student placements within ZSFG will not involve payment.

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Student Responsibility Checklist

Before Placement After Placement

 □  Students must find their own placements

Students must contact current preceptors/ZSFG staff for placement availability (ZSFG Preceptor Contact List).

□  Once a placement opportunity has been identified, please ensure the following: 

  1. Check to see if your school and program is on the Approved List of Schools and Programs.
  2. If your school or program is NOT on the Approved List of Schools and Programs, please request your school coordinator to fill out the Student Placement Agreement Form.
  3. If either of the above-mentioned criteria has been satisfied, please complete the  Student Form & the

    COVID-19 Additional Student Orientation

    and submit it directly to your preceptor.

Orientation Requirement

□  All students are required to complete Online Orientation.

Clinical students are required to complete an orientation module prior to starting their clinical rotation or placement.

Non-Clinical Students are required to complete an orientation within 30 days of their start date.

□  Students must provide their preceptor with a copy of the Certificate of Completion. Please contact  for more information.

□  Students must provide their preceptor with a copy of the Privacy and Compliance certificate. Click here for Privacy & Compliance training instructions.

Identification Badge

□  Students must wear identification badges at all times.

□  If a student has an existing identification badge which includes a first name, last name, and a photo, this badge can be used when on campus.

□  If a student requires a ZSFG issued identification badge please contact your preceptor.