ZSFG Education Day

Join us every Thursday for ZSFG’s weekly Education Day. This full day of training begins at 8:00 am and includes three separate sessions covering Workplace Violence Prevention, Trauma Informed Systems and Sexual Orientation/Gender Identify. For more information, or to register for any of the sessions, download the fliers linked below.

Trauma Informed Systems Training

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Training


Relationship-Centered Communication (Fundamental Course)

Join your colleagues for a one-day workshop to enhance your communication skills with patients and team members. This interactive 8-hour course will allow colleagues to share with one another their current approaches while building on existing strengths to more consistently achieve effective, efficient, and rewarding communications with others, particularly in clinical or team situations that are charged or challenging.  The strategies are appropriate for clinical and intra-team communication.  Indeed, many interdisciplinary teams already engaged in the seminar with positive results.

RCC for Equity: 

This half-day workshop will use the relationship-centered communication (RCC) skills framework to promote racial equity in healthcare. We will explore the impact of stereotype threat and unconscious racial bias on communication between patients and other members of the health care team. Participants will employ role-play to apply RCC skills as both preventative and restorative strategies in combating racism. Participants’ own cases will be simulated to enhance relevance and direct application of the workshop content.


Please click on a link below for more information and registration page.



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February 5. 2019

RCC Fundamental


February 26. 2019

RCC for Equity (AM)


March 22. 2019

RCC Fundamental


April 15. 2019

RCC Fundamental


April 29. 2019

RCC for Equity (PM)


May 14. 2019

RCC Fundamental


May 28. 2019

RCC for Equity (AM)


June 14. 2019

RCC Fundamental


June 19. 2019

RCC for Equity (PM)